Trackingplan Public API

Trackingplan Public API

Trackingplan Public API

Through these APIs, you will be able to export data relative to your tracking plan and integrate it with other internal or external tools and services:

Important Note on Server Regions: To ensure efficient service and adhere to regional data governance, we have multiple server endpoints based on the location of your plan:
  • For plans hosted in the EU region, use:
  • For plans hosted outside of the EU region, use:

Please ensure to use the appropriate server URL when making your API calls.

Trackingplan’s Export API

Import your data into your own dashboards, connect it to Notion, add it to Google Sheets… Our API’s endpoint allows you to access your tracking plan and export it to use it however you want, wherever you want.

You can export your own tracking plan just by adding your TP_ID and sharing token. This will default to your production environment and JSON format, but you can also make adjustments in these optional parameters in case you want to export your tracking plan from your other environments or use CSV format instead.

Find the OpenAPI Schema of this API documented here.

Contact Support and we will give you access.

Regression Testing API for CI/CD Integration

Trackingplan supports seamless validation of the analytics triggered in your existing functional tests using Cypress, XCTest on iOS, or JUnit on Android, among others. This enables you to leverage existing tests. You can see more details here.

With Trackingplan’s Regression Testing API for CI/CD Integration, you can also retrieve the status of your Regression Testing session vs. a given baseline reference. This allows you to integrate Regression Testing with your CI/CD pipelines and indicate the status of the analytics validation of each of your tests. For example, see how you could consult the status of your tests using GitHub Actions.

Here are some of the things you can do to retrieve the status of your analytics validations:

  • Tailored comparison: Specify your account, the environment, the test session, and the baseline you want to compare.
  • Destination Filtering: Introduce any of your 'destinations' to compare exclusively your tests in GA4, Segment, etc.

Please write to Support if you need instructions to integrate the API in other CI/CD pipelines like Jenkins.

Find the OpenAPI Schema of this API documented here.