Data Layer Audit

Data Layer Audit

Data Layer Audit

Trackingplan allows you to debug and set rules for your data layer pushes.

This will provide you with a comprehensive list of all the data layer pushes generated by any interaction done in your events to view the real picture of what information has been sent to your servers and analytics providers when your events are triggered on your websites and apps.

Data Layer: what it is?

The data layer is a JavaScript that contains information about user interactions, page content, and other relevant data. It serves as a bridge between your website or application and various analytics tools, enabling the transfer of essential data.

Let’s see how this can help you:

  • Real data representation with browser-captured context: See the exact URL of the product and review past actions taken by the user.
  • Enhanced Debugging: Easily spot improperly formatted data on the web.
Moreover, if you use a tag manager like Google Tag Manager or Tealium, being provided with the data layer will help you determine if the error is in the tag manager's transformation or if it originates in your frontends, easily distinguishing between development errors or tag manager issues.

You’ll also be able to access the data layer of your events in Trackingplan’s Tracks Explorer, Trackingplan’s Data Explorer, and Trackingplan’s Warning Debug by clicking on the button above.

To enjoy this functionality, please ensure your Web SDK script is updated to the latest version. After that, if we detect you have datalayer data, you will automatically see it within your Trackingplan menu. Feel free to contact us for more information.

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