Installing Trackingplan

Installing Trackingplan

Installing Trackingplan

There are several ways you can install Trackingplan. All paths are simple and straightforward and can be completed in only a few minutes.

To choose your installation method, just pick the option that suits you best:

Installing Trackingplan on your websites:
  • Use your tag manager to include the script
  • Add Trackingplan’s snippet to your site

Installing Trackingplan using Webhooks:

  • Segment Destination
  • Amplitude CDP Destination

Installing Trackingplan in your apps:

  • Trackingplan iOS SDK
  • Trackingplan Android SDK
Note: Depending on your business needs, installations for both web and app might be required.

Frequently Asked Questions Before Getting Started

How can I retrieve Trackingplan’s snippet?

To retrieve your Trackingplan’s snippet, you need to create an account first. This will automatically generate your snippet with your TP_ID to use when installing Trackingplan.

Will Trackingplan’s installation cause any disruption in my company?

Not at all, Trackingplan can be installed in minutes by anyone who has access to a tag manager or can include another script or SDK in a website or app. Moreover, as we listen directly to all the customer data that your apps and websites are already sending to all of your third-party integrations, you don’t need to give us private access to none of your data destinations, as well as we don’t need to process all the data to understand it.

This means that all the teams involved in the data collection process teams will be able to continue working as they used to, without causing any company disruption.

Will Trackingplan affect my site’s visitor experience or performance?

Not at all. Trackingplan is designed to have a minimal impact on your site. Our lightweight tag, only 10kb in size, has no significant effect on page load times. Additionally, our SDKs are optimized to ensure that your app's performance remains unaffected. The Trackingplan tag loads asynchronously with the page content, responding in less than 500ms.

This means that it won't slow down your site's loading speed. Furthermore, once the configuration is stored in the browser cache, it won't be reloaded during subsequent page views for 24 hours.

Can Trackingplan work with my in-house analytics system?

Yes, Trackingplan snippet listens in real-time to all the data your site and apps send to third parties integrations. That's why you can have access to your data in seconds instead of hours. And that's why it supports any provider, including the ones that don't have an API, or even your in-house analytics systems.

How long does it take for Trackingplan to work?

Unlike other SaaS with setups that take between weeks and months or even force you to change how you code your analytics, Trackingplan starts listening in real-time to all the data your sites and apps are sending to your third-party services right after its installation.

From that moment on, Trackingplan will automatically start discovering and documenting all the traffic you’re sending to all your analytics, product, and marketing stack. It’s your time to sit back as we automatically create your dashboard.

Depending on your traffic, an hour can be enough to recollect the necessary data for our backend to understand what each piece of data means, identify patterns, detect anomalies, and automatically connect dots to create value from data that was hidden in plain sight. However, for companies with small traffic, this process might take up to a week, so don’t worry if you enter Trackingplan’s dashboard after installing it and don’t see anything! We will send you a message once we have collected enough data.