It’s important to review your Trackingplan settings periodically to ensure your tracking plan is up-to-date.

Enable/Disable Destinations

Destinations are third-party services you send your event data to, like Google Analytics. Trackingplan automatically detects the destinations you’re sending your data to. There’s no need to add or remove destinations manually.


Daily Digest Settings

The Daily Digest section in your settings is where you can enter the email addresses of team members whom you want to receive your tracking plan’s daily digest.

To add recipients, you can enter one email address per line.

Warning Settings

You can activate or deactivate warnings for your entire tracking plan by clicking on the Warning Settings button on the top right of your Dashboard.


Here you can see your plan’s global settings and make changes as needed to your current configuration:


The first two items allow you to show or hide missing events and traffic decline warnings.

The third and fourth items allow you to show or hide missing property and type collision warnings. You can also set a tolerance percentage for these warnings.

Our two latest incorporations allow you to show or hide validation regex and function warnings, as well as defining a tolerance for it.

Setting a tolerance can be helpful when you don’t want to receive warnings if errors occur in less than X% of the hits, and you only want to be notified if errors exceed that tolerance.

Note: You can also set these same warnings for a specific event or property. Just navigate to it and click “Customize Warnings”.


Doing this will show you the current warning settings for only that event.


To learn more about warnings, click here.

Sharing Settings

In the Sharing section of your Settings menu, you can choose to show or hide daily hits and property samples from users who access your tracking plan through a shared permalink.


Plan Alias

If you have multiple tracking plans in your account, you can add or edit an alias for each one in your Settings menu.


Aliases are an easy way to quickly identify each individual tracking plan in your dashboard.

Team Management

There are three different roles that allow users varying permissions in your Trackingplan account.


The Admin role allows team members to make changes to the workspace settings and preferences, invite new members, and edit the tracking plan. Admins are also the only members who can remove other members from the team.

The Editor role allows team members to make edits to the tracking plan but does not allow them to edit the workspace settings and preferences. Editors also cannot invite new members to the workspace.

The Viewer role allows team members to view the tracking plan only. They can’t make any edits or invite new members.