Extend detection

Extend detection

Extend Trackingplan's detection capacities

You can also extend Trackingplan’s detection capabilities to be able to later attribute warnings to configuration changes, show them as releases, and see them when finding the root cause of the problems affecting the integrity of your data.

Explore more about it in the following subsections:

Extend Trackingplan's detection capabilities with:

Label the data you send to Trackingplan, enabling you to distinguish your warnings by their release version, build number app version, test name, etc., debug and perform root-cause analysis on your warnings, or break down event traffic by the values of your tags (country, pageType, etc.)

Be provided with a comprehensive view of all the payloads generated by any interaction done in your events, allowing you to see the data layer of any event to view the real picture of what the browser captured when your events are triggered.

Check dynamically at run-time if your analytics implementations are working as you expect and be notified, as you navigate through all of your sites, about any possible errors.

With these additional tools at your disposal, you can enhance your tracking capabilities and ensure the reliability and accuracy of your data collection processes.

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