Automated Alert System

Automated Alert System

Automated Alert System

TL;DR: With Trackingplan, any error or update happening in your digital analytics, marketing automations, pixels, and campaigns will be automatically spotted to notify you before errors have a significant impact.

By having your implementations 100% audited around the clock with real-time data, you can stop wasting time with manual analytics audits, knowing that you will be notified instantly whenever…

  • Any of your pixels disappear on the landings you’re sending traffic to, which oppositely would result in increased costs and decreased conversions.
  • We find any errors in the attribution of your campaigns, preventing you from inaccurate ROAS calculation.
  • We spot missing events or properties, naming inconsistencies, traffic anomalies, property type mismatches, or validation errors affecting the quality of your data.

Learn more about how Trackingplan notifies you about every update or error affecting the quality of your data in the following subsections:

Trackingplan’s Automated Alert System

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